PT. Transworld Solution was inspired through the consolidation of Corrpro in Asia Pacific Region on 2003 and finally was being incorporated with the affiliation of Corrpro Asia Pte, Ltd in Singapore (CAPL) and fully supported by Corrpro Companies Inc (CCI) USA.

PT. Transworld Solution is Indonesia Company which expertly in Coating, External & Internal - corrosion, Corrosion Integrity Consultation, Survey (CIPS & DCVG), Database maintenance program andwide array of Pipeline Integrity Management

PT. Transworld Solution has reputable experience to supply of the full spectrum of corrosion Engineering/ Design, Material supply, Installation/Construction, Commissioning, Class or Field Training and NACE accredited profesional Consultation. Our services cover full turn key project up to the very niche segmented and specific area which are fully backed up by the best product manufacture and specialist team manpower with highest level of NACE accredited.
COMPANY MISSION : “ The best partner in Corrosion & Integrated Solution ”
COMPANY VISION : “ Be a professional corrosion company in Indonesia ”